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How to sell our property quickly, easily and without stress in Hungary?

Anyone who has sold a property knows that this process is either a hassle or a great compromise that comes with the sale (e.g., considerably lower price). It is no coincidence that many decide to have the help of a real estate agency when selling their own apartment or house. How can a real estate agent make your life easier? Let’s see!

Expertise is irreplaceable

It is of utmost importance that the seller has up-to-date information and knowledge of the market. Prices often change from week to week in certain districts of Budapest and also in other cities. Unless it’s your hobby and / or you’re a professional, you can’t compete with a real estate agency where several consultants and real estate agents work on a daily basis buying and selling apartments and houses.

Through VA Real Estate Agency (VA Ingatlaniroda), one can sell his property within days, as it appears on the website for thousands of clients after signing the agreement.

How much is my property really worth?

It is possible to sell an apartment for a significantly higher price (we’re talking thousands of euros!) just by taking different photos. It’s not a joke or a mistake: images have great power. And photos are not everything: an apartment can be neatly prepared to show its most beautiful details: all it takes is taking the pictures (professionally) at the right time of the day, adding fresh flowers and a couple paintings to the perfect spots. They make a whole world of a difference!

You also want to make sure you are selling for the right price. In case of setting a too high amount it may take months without a serious buyer contacting you, while offering a too low price means you’re losing a lot of money.

VA Real Estate is an expert in property prices. The magic lies in the details: an apartment can be worth up to thousands of euros more than another one with similar conditions nearby. It can even happen on the same street or on the same floor!


The OTP Real Estate group (OTP Ingatlanpont csoport) probably has the most advanced and transparent customer account called KAPCSOLATIPONT (Contact point) in the Hungarian market: here one can keep track of the entire sales process and can access all data and documents with just a few clicks.

Time is money…

It’s extremely rare that the first potential buyer buys the apartment at the market price. One has to filter out non-serious buyers and one has to show the property to everyone else interested. Presenting a property is an art that can be developed and improved for years, even decades. What time of day shall we visit? What shall be emphasized? What does the potential buyer showing up at the doorstep want to hear?

It’s also natural that the potential buyers don’t just show up at random times: this is often preceded by a multi-stage negotiation process by phone, email, WhatsApp, and so on. Do you want your phone to ring around the clock, your mailbox getting full of impatient emails, or shall we rather take care of these details as professionals?

The entire process of buying and selling in one place

From contacting the potential buyers to helping with the negotiation of the final price, VA Real Estate Agency represents the seller’s interests. We are a large, serious team of professionals at the sellers’ disposal and we are helping with a smile at every stage of the process. We control every part of the purchase and we are in touch with professionals from our partner law firm through our energy certification engineering team to our credit management team (which can help potential buyers with unique offers and loan schemes).

Since you can be sure that VA Real Estate will help you throughout the whole process, you can let go of the administrative burden of the entire purchase… Which is particularly important in a country like Hungary that excels in bureaucracy.

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